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                        This Research Paper is a requirement to earn an  MBA.
It should be taken only after passing the 11 Seminars of this Program.

Says Hans Walthaus, Medical Center Gral. Mgr., B.Sc. BA, MBA. Netherlands
I think the complete structure and lay-out of the course was very good and even for a non-native speaker it is very easy to understand. Other things I like very much about Ambai are the cost they charge you, the flexible entry times, the fast way they let you know the result of the exams, and the most friendly attitude towards students. At The moment I am working in Holland as General Manager in a medical center.

Case Study and Graduation Paper

Research on how a small local company "passionately committed to world-class coffee" combined with the vision and values contributed by Howard Schultz evolved to become a large, efficient and profitable enterprise.

  1. A Research Paper is an essay describing a systematic investigation to establish facts or principles or to collect information on a subject
  2. The subject of your Research Paper is "The Starbucks Corporation: past, present and future".
  3. A very interesting subject for an essay, since this company’s performance is "one of the great retailing stories of recent history". Researching the reasons of Starbucks’ phenomenal growth offers the opportunity of considering many key factors, from the marketing skill employed to convert a commodity –espresso coffee- into a brand with a powerful and lucrative franchise, to the very effective personnel management practices used by the firm.
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This Research Paper is a requirement to earn an  MBA.
It should be taken only after passing the 11 Seminars of this Program.