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Seminar 05.ST2

Strategic Management II
Concentration core competencies, budgets, policies and best practices


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                        This Seminar is one of the courses leading to the  BBA and MBA  as described in our Home Page

  Says Babatunde O. Laniyonu, Researcher & Technical Developer, USA:
 AmbaiU's program comprehensively covered the subject of business in a way that guided me through the practical applications, and implications of business activity, then, led into the more advanced and technical aspects of business, while simultaneously demonstrating each business area's relevance and applicability.
I now feel confident to implement these learned business methods in my current line of work.


The most important drivers shaping a company's strategic plan fall into two broad categories: the type of industry and the competitive conditions in the markets, and the firm's own competitive capabilities, market position, and existing opportunities.
In relation to the type of industry, one basic element is the stage of its life-cycle the industry is in. An industry might be in one of four basic stages: emerging, rapidly growing, mature, and declining.

In this Seminar you will learn:

  • Matching strategy to a company's situation
  • Corporate diversification strategies
  • Strategic analysis of diversified companies
  • Implementing strategy I:
    • core competencies,
    • reengineering and
    • structure
  • Implementing strategy II:
    • budgets,
    • policies,
    • best practices,
    • support systems and
    • rewards
  • Culture and leadership


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