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Seminar 03.EMI

Economics for Business and Management - Microeconomics


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                        This Seminar is one of the courses leading to the  BBA and MBA  as described in our Home Page

  Says Eduardo Del Pozo, MBA of  Maspeth, NY, USA:
I thank you for the full support that you always provide . I think my MBA means a lot together with my experience that's why I just started this week a new position in a large financial institution (UBS). Continue with the big success.

 Microeconomics is the part of economics dealing with the activities of individual markets and firms. It is a very relevant subject if a business person is to clearly understand the environment in which he or she operates.
Does that mean that a good business person needs to be a good economist? Of course not. But a good grounding in economics will help to analyze business situations much better it is a skill that may help the business to be successful.

In this Seminar you will learn:

  • Introduction to economics and business

  • Demand, supply and price

  • Elasticity of demand and supply

  • The firm, production and profit

  • Costs and output

  • Profit maximization

  • Monopoly and monopolistic competition

  • Oligopoly and business strategy: Theory of Games, Nash equilibrium

  • Economics of business organizations - Employment: the supply and demand for labor.